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LVMA is great! As an adult that has been practicing martial arts for over three and a half years here, it is a great way to do moving meditation, stay in shape, have some fun, break boards, spar with colleagues and learn to expand my abilities (mentally and physically). The staff is great! From Shigong to Shifus to black sashes to the students, everyone is awesome and willing to help. Everyone is so polite I feel that the staff works great with the younger students, holding them accountable, inspiring them to be better human beings and teaching them how to interact with others. They also teach them how to be great students in Kung Fu, school and life.

Bernie Selvey

My kids started taking classes at the ages of five and six. My daughter was so shy she cried through her first couple weeks of classes. The instructors were so kind and patient with her. She started making so much progress in regards to her confidence, that even her teachers at school could see the difference. After their first graduation ceremony from the Little Ninjas program, I realized that I wanted to join too. So, at the age of 38, I joined as a white sash with both my kids and we have progressed together. We have been taking classes for over 2 years and are well on our way to our goal of black sash! We love practicing our weapons together and talking about the 7 magic words of respect. We have even broken boards! But most importantly, we feel LVMA is like family to us.

Lynn Seagreaves

I have been taking Tai Chi at the Palmer location for over a year now, and love it. I'm a Desert Storm Vet, with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I experience a great deal of anxiety, especially with people and crowds. Since I've been taking classes, I have been able to control my anxiety a bit more. Little steps. Our instructor Shifu Crystal is so awesome and patient. I can't say enough good things about her. I will be staying for a long time. LVMA is the best!

Peter Bealer

A fun, safe, supportive environment for kids of all ages. Our sixyear- old loves her beginner class, and our two-year-old can't wait until he can enroll in Little Ninjas! Besides the physical benefits, the kids also learn about respect and integrity. The curriculum is really well balanced.

Abby Trexler

LVMA is a phenomenal school for people of all ages. The instructors here are very compassionate and do a great job at making you feel a part of the family from the get go. Regardless of who you are, or where you come from, when you come to class you're all one. I've trained at a few large schools and LVMA is up there with the best of the best. It's great for all people whether you have experience in the past with martial arts or not. There is knowledge to be found here that I have not found at any of the other local schools. There are only two things you need before you start - respect and a willingness to learn!

Michael Levin

My son has been attending Kung Fu at the Emmaus site since he was five years old. He began in the Little Ninjas program and has subsequently moved on to the Peaceful Warriors class. He enjoys the instructors, and enjoys learning all of the stances and kicks, as well as the valuable character lessons that the instructors review during every class. The lessons are powerful and can speak to all of us, and the instructors make it fun and relatable for the kids. LVMA has provided my son with great experiences and I would recommend them to anyone considering giving Kung Fu a try!

Melanie Berger

This is a great place to learn and get motivated. The staff makes learning fun and interesting. The kids learn to set goals and achieve them, great training for future success.

Steve Armstrong

My kids really enjoy coming to Lehigh Valley Martial Arts. The instructors are very good and they really seem to connect with every student. They make learning serious, but also fun.

Philip Bernard

Lehigh Valley Martial Arts has been an extremely positive experience for both of our children. The martial arts program at LVMA provides structure and discipline in a caring environment, that doesn't lose site of a child's individual needs. Both of our children have thrived in the program and have set their own goals of achieving black belts.

Karen and Patrick Dacey

While my 10-year-old son was playing with friends, one of the friends lost his temper and tackled my son on the ground. Unfortunately, none of the adults were paying attention, and this friend began kicking and choking my son. My son then did something he'd been practicing in kung fu for the past few weeks. He used his hips to pop the kid up off his body, and then his legs to flip the kid over. When I looked up my son was sitting on top of the other kid, pinning his arms to his chest. I was amazed that the move had worked in a non-practice situation, when the so-called attacker clearly had no intention of going along with what was happening. I was even more impressed with the values that the Peaceful Warrior program had instilled. My son did just enough to restore safety, but no more. He did not kick or punch or over react in any way. He did what he had to do with kindness, and without a shred of anger. That one moment more than paid for many years of kung fu classes.


LVMA has made a huge difference in my life. It has made me stronger, more self-confident and better toned. I have made many new friends and love being a part of the LVMA family. My husband and sons are also kung fu students. The boys (ages 6 and 9) are much more focused, confident and respectful since they began classes a year ago. It is wonderful to have an activity in which we can all participate at the same level and work together as a family to achieve our individual goals. I cannot praise the staff enough for their unlimited patience, commitment and enthusiasm. 

Lisa N.

We have seen Andy's self-confidence grow during his first year in the LVMA Kung Fu program. He is highly motivated to attend the classes and is making steady progress towards his goal to achieve the black sash level. We have nothing but good things to say about instructors, who take opportunities to instill character-building lessons. Other than his physical development, we have noticed he seems more aware of his responsibilities at home, including taking initiative to help with chores.


While learning Kung Fu, Paul has also learned confidence, focus, and dedication. By attending his classes and practicing his skills at home, he has shown that he is committed to success. With each new skill and each level he has achieved, he has grown, becoming more mature and learning that through hard work you can achieve what you want.


Austin has really enjoyed his time at LVMA. He has learned so much about Kung Fu and more importantly so much about himself. His training has given him self confidence and the ability to focus better. The instructors and staff at LVMA have been great. Their care and patience have been essential to the students' learning.


My daughter Alyssa started kung fu when she was in 3rd grade. She is now in 7th and has become a silver sash. Kung fu has given her confidence, and taught her to respect herself and others. She enjoys going to class and is eager to earn her black sash.


Our son started taking Kung Fu class to improve his physical conditioning, mental focus, confidence, and to build character. After watching him rapidly improve in these areas, I was interested for the same reasons. It does not take long to realize that classes at LVMA are about so much more than the initial perception. The knowledgeable instructors keep classes fun and challenging at the same time. I attribute the classes at LVMA to many positive improvements in both my personal and professional interactions.


Besides the benefits from the physical activity, I think most of all it has helped with the managing of my stress level. Its given me a more calmer disposition. I think my kids notice the calmness the most.


Ever since I started martial arts at LVMA, I feel I have improved on all parts of my life. I feel like my reflexes are quicker, I am more self-disciplined, attentive, and at least twice as confident than ever before. Kung fu has improved all areas of my life and I would recommend it to everyone.


Martial arts has changed my life. It has helped me to start making goals, become more mentally aware, and helped me become more confident in meeting new people. Martial arts not only helps me but also my friends, as I feel I can protect them in dangerous situations, by thinking, and acting rather than reacting. My time at LVMA has been the best experience in my life and the longest activity I have every stuck to (besides soccer). Martial arts has also changed how I see my future and I plan to incorporate it into my whole life. I've been learning martial arts since Jan 2012 and this time has been the most fun I have ever had in my life and hopefully will continue for many, many years into the future. I highly recommend LVMA to absolutely anyone, young, old, big or small, strong or weak. Martial arts is for everyone.


We have been coming to LVMA for the past two years. Since both my boys and husband take classes here, LVMA has become an essential part of our family life. All the Shifus are excellent in their martial arts skill and knowledge, but more importantly, they are great with kids. They know how to have fun while engaging the kids. Kids are taught the importance of honesty, integrity, responsibility, perseverance, compassion and courage. I know we will be coming here for many years to come. Martial arts will be a part of my boy's identity for the rest of their lives. There is no better place to learn martial arts than LVMA.


At Lehigh Valley Martial Arts, I'm not only learning the proper techniques of the physical skills - forms, punches, self -defense, but more importantly I learn the theories why moves are the way they are. It is very fascinating. It is like knowing the inside story of the martial art. I thoroughly enjoy every class. My son Ethan is a brown belt training for black belt. He is learning how mental and physical disciplines need to become one in order to achieve true balance of martial arts.


I started martial arts about 3 years ago at LVMA. I wanted to do something with my son and bond (which we have done) but also as a way to stay in shape. I lost 10lbs in the first month alone! As I have gotten older, I have tried many ways to get/stay in shape. Nothing has held my attention as long, helped as much, or provided nearly as much self help and stress relief. If you are looking for a way to stay in shape and you need more than what running or a gym can provide, I recommend LVMA.


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