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Success Story

Written by Alisa B
Oct 27, 2014

While my 10-year-old son was playing with friends, one of the friends lost his temper and tackled my son on the ground. Unfortunately, none of the adults were paying attention, and this friend began kicking and choking my son. My son then did something he'd been practicing in kung fu for the past few weeks. He used his hips to pop the kid up off his body, and then his legs to flip the kid over. When I looked up my son was sitting on top of the other kid, pinning his arms to his chest. I was amazed that the move had worked in a non-practice situation, when the so-called attacker clearly had no intention of going along with what was happening. I was even more impressed with the values that the Peaceful Warrior program had instilled. My son did just enough to restore safety, but no more. He did not kick or punch or over react in any way. He did what he had to do with kindness, and without a shred of anger. That one moment more than paid for many years of kung fu classes.





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