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Self discipline

Written by Stanley Chan
Mar 28, 2014

When it comes to achieving a goal that we set, nothing is more important than self-discipline. Self-discipline is the focus, time and energy to stay on track and achieve a goal for self improvement.
Every day, people set goals for themselves. Self-discipline keeps a person on track to achieve those goals. Examples could be weight loss, attain a promotion at work, or even making time for family, for those in a busy lifestyle. Without the self-discipline, goals would never be achieved. A person’s focus would begin to wander on a different path.              

Multiple goals may be present at the same time. Prioritizing the goals takes self-discipline as well. It is not always that simple to prioritize. For example, after school a child wants to play and usually has homework to complete.  Hopefully, they will finish their homework first then go out and play with their friends.  However in their mind, they don’t even want to do the homework at all let alone prioritize it second to playing. It is important that just because we have multiple goals going on at the same time, prioritizing such goals within a certain timeline can help them be achieved.                                          


Sometimes life gets in the way of us and our goals, and this is where self-discipline brings us back on track. Surprise expenses; family emergencies, and long work hours because of the time of the year all can distract. These happenings could cause you to veer off course for some time.  No matter how long the time, having that self-discipline will always help you to come back on the same track so that the goal can be accomplished.                                           

In the end, it is our self-discipline that tells us to stay on the path to success.  The goal may sometimes be an outside event but in reality the goal is inside you. The self-discipline you develop can help you achieve the goals in you. A quote from ancient Chinese poet Lao-Tzu states: “Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.” With that power anything you set out to do can be done.



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