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Role Models, Mentors and How They Impact Children and Young Adults

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Jul 13, 2018

July13.role models.JPGA mentor is someone who possesses wisdom and is able to guide an individual on their path to success. A good mentor is someone who not only leads by example and communicates in a positive manner, but also offers constructive feedback and motivates others by living what they preach.

Mentors help shape our future

In today’s world, there are so many youth (both at-risk and not at-risk) that can benefit from a strong role model and mentor, whether that person is male or female.  Some youth need someone to teach them how to be confident, others need someone to teach them how to use their voice. Yet others just need to see little successes in life, when they feel like they are a failure at everything they try or feel that everyone and everything is conspiring against them (because let’s face it, lots of teens feel this way daily).

How instructors become role models in martial arts

All with the help of an instructor, martial arts gives adolescents the ability to obtain confidence, focus, leadership skills, respect for others and oneself, self-discipline and self-defense.  These instructors might be one of the only positive role models a child has in his or her life. Or they might be the person a teenager listens to for advice since words of wisdom often seem more important coming from someone who isn’t a parent. These instructors have a short window of time each week with their students to not only impart their knowledge, but also impact their students’ lives.

And though it may not be easy at times, these instructors guide their students with a good listening ear, keen observation and a gentle, disciplined approach.  By simply offering patience and encouragement, while creating goals and encouraging self-growth, mentors can leave a lasting impression on students. Making them want to succeed and continue to forge ahead in whatever it is they choose to do in life. 

Their role is not lost on them

At most martial arts schools, the role of mentor and role model is not lost on its instructors.  They understand that when they support their students, they are part of something bigger, whether that is helping a student make the decision to stick with the art or choosing to make better choices in daily life.   It is proven that when young children and teens engage in healthy, beneficial activities they are more likely to develop higher self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence.  When they have someone to stand behind them, encourage them and cheer them on, it makes it all that much easier. 

We value this relationship with our students and encourage them to think of us as family (that’s certainly how we consider our students!). This close relationship not only helps with training, but with other milestones in life: school, work, friendships, relationships, bullying, and so much more. Our instructors at Lehigh Valley Martial Arts not only continue training in martial arts, but they are chosen to be part of the LVMA team because of their caliber of character beyond their training.

We’re always happy to discuss how a student can benefit from training, whether it be physical fitness, building relationships or learning how to set goals (and achieve them!).

Join us for a class or talk with one of our instructors to see this top-down approach to teaching in action.


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