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Martial Arts is for Everyone

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Feb 27, 2018

LVMA blog_class.jpgAt LVMA, we believe that martial arts is for anyone. From the three year old with an inquisitive mind, to the retiree who is looking to improve his or her overall health. We see everyone in between too, like the dad looking to build strength and reduce stress and the mom who is looking for some "me time" to recharge her batteries. We see lots of school-aged kids who need to build focus to experience successes both big and small and teenagers who need to build the confidence to withstand the social pressures they face every day.

A personal connection in martial arts training

Each person comes to class for a different reason. No two students are the same, and we understand that. We take the time to get to know our students as individuals. We connect with them, understand what they are setting out to achieve and guide them on their personal journey. We support, encourage and give our students a little extra push when they need it. We form lasting bonds with our students. A bond that makes us ‘family’. We also understand that everyone achieves at different rates. Our instructors teach to the individual and never compare one student to another. Students progress at their own rate. No one is ‘pushed through’ the system. All rank is earned through individual effort.

Individual attention for every student

Our instructors are experts at measuring a student's potential and helping them reach that potential. Through guidance and encouragement, our instructors help students discover their inner strength and how to go beyond what they thought possible. Students are never expected to adapt to a teaching style. The styles are adapted to them.

Character building through martial arts

While physical training is important, we believe mental and emotional training is equally as important. Martial arts is meant to build and enhance the entire person in all aspects of their life. All of our classes, no matter what the level, include lessons in good character, communication skills, goal setting and emotional intelligence. When combined with the physical skills, our students become well rounded and have the natural confidence to handle themselves in any situation. We want our students to learn how to be comfortable in uncomfortable situations. We always want them to put their best foot forward and seek first to understand and then to be understood. We believe by doing this, our students become respected leaders because they understand how to build relationships and get the job done without making excuses or putting others down.


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