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Lehigh Valley Martial Arts Rings in the New Year with New Website

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Feb 13, 2018

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We have started our year off with a new look! Lehigh Valley Martial Arts has redesigned its website with more content and a fresh, new look to make it easier for you to get to know us!

More than punches and kicks

At Lehigh Valley Martial Arts (LVMA), we are so much more than punching, kicking and defending.  We know that mental and emotional development is just as important as self-defense and discipline.  And through our new website, we show you how we accomplish that every day.  

At each of our schools in the Lehigh Valley, we take a unique approach to martial arts training. No matter the skill level or age, we teach students to balance both mind and body, because this is where the true roots of this practice lives.

We believe that martial arts is for EVERYONE…from the child who needs focus and discipline to individuals with disabilities…from the young woman learning self-defense to the parent looking for inner strength and calm.  It is a practice that keeps individuals both physically fit and mentally fit. Our programs are designed so that everyone is included and can succeed, no matter what. 

We offer a unique approach and philosophy

Our teaching philosophy fosters the development of our students from the inside out, focusing on techniques that enable energy to flow from within and cultivate peace, while promoting self-confidence, self-discipline, self-defense and respect. This is what fosters the mind-body connection.

Pride in our students

We are so proud of our students and what they accomplish when they are at one of our dojos, that we have them pictured throughout our website.  Nearly all of the photos on our new site show true LVMA students in action with a wide range of real emotion on their faces, including enthusiasm, fierceness, focus, determination, peace and happiness. 

Our new site outlines the benefits of martial arts training, how we can help you achieve your goals, as well as the different programs we have to offer, frequently asked questions and testimonials from our students.

Learn to express yourself in a clear and confident manner, while finding strength and inner peace. Come join us!


Find out why classes at Lehigh Valley Martial Arts teach you more than just punching and kicking.

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