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Jan 03, 2014

We are  excited to tell you about our new program here at Fogelsville, LVMA….On January 14, 2014 we will be launching our brand new Tai Chi program for adults.              

Tai Chi is a martial art and discipline that provides individuals with increased mobility and strong physical and mental health, allowing you to heal your heart, mind, and soul.

Let’s face it; today’s world is filled with stress, turmoil and day-to-day exhausting activities. What if you could learn to increase energy, reduce stress, and manage the day-to-day through the exercise of the mind and body?

Well, that what our Tai Chi program is designed to do:

  • Increase health and happiness
  • Increase energy
  • Be a simple, effective practice for stress management
  • Be a low impact, highly effective exercise
  • Enable you to meet new friends and make strong personal connections

Don’t take my word for it!

Come join us for our Wine & Cheese Tai Chi Night on Tuesday, January 14th from 7:30-9:00. We will have a Tai Chi class for you to try followed by our Wine & Cheese mixer so you can get to know the instructors and the other folks who came to give it a try.


To sign up, simply email Michele at Mnicol@lvmartialarts.com and give her your name, phone number, and number of people you are bringing with you.        

We look forward to seeing you!

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