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Kick off the 2018 2019 School Year Right!

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Aug 22, 2018

Back to School with Lehigh Valley Martial ArtsIt’s that time of year!  Are you ready to kick-off the 2018-2019 school year?  At Lehigh Valley Martial Arts we are ready to help you start off with your best foot forward.

Heading back to school, for some kids, can be a fun time filled with excitement and anticipation.  For others, it can be a time filled with anxiety and fear.  No matter which way your child feels, we want to help give him or her the tools to succeed this school year.

How martial arts helps you succeed in school

Martial arts is not only a great way for your child to stay in shape and make new friends, but it also helps to enrich the qualities and support lessons you are already teaching them at home.  Martial arts helps to build your child’s confidence both in and out of the classroom, learn self-control, practice patience, persevere when things get tough and stay humble. They learn the skills needed to be emotionally, physically and mentally strong.

How martial arts can bully-proof your child

If your child is worried about starting up school again because they know it is another year facing the class bully, martial arts can be an out-of-the-box solution.  At LVMA, students learn how to handle themselves in the face of intimidation by mastering the situation, before there’s a need for a bodily interaction.

Training focuses on teaching students how to defend themselves both non-physically and physically against a bully.  The real master of the practice rarely has to fight, because he or she is in control of their emotions and the circumstances at hand.

Many times, people assume that when they take martial arts to guard against bullying, they learn how to physically defend themselves as their primary form of defense.  But self-defense will not always be physical, as a matter of fact, it is our hope that things never become physical which is why we work so hard to build the children’s communication skills, their confidence, and their character.

Handing your kids the keys to success

During each session, students are kept active and are taught the ‘Four Laws of Concentration’ so that they can be successful and meet their daily responsibilities in the dojo, at school and at home.   We work on achieving goals and teaching kids how to use what they are learning with us into their everyday life. This, coupled with an increased level of self-discipline, will allow your child to be successful not matter what they choose to do.

Join us today

We are offering a ‘Back to School’ special now through October 31, 2018.  Come join us for 8 classes, receive an official uniform and one private intro lesson for $39.95. We have several locations throughout the Lehigh Valley. Call today to take advantage of this great offer!


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