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Easing Anxiety Now that School is Back in Session

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Oct 05, 2018

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With summer clearly in the rearview mirror, and a daily routine well underway, have you noticed that your child has not quite settled back into school just yet?  Are they coming home anxious and stressed out?  If you can answer yes to any of these questions, LVMA may be able to help.

Boosting confidence, easing anxiety

If you are looking for an activity to help boost your child’s confidence and ease anxiety, martial arts could be the answer. It is said that exercise has a way of clearing the mind.  Martial arts does this and so much more.  At LVMA we help our students set and reach goals, prioritize their time, and calm their mind.  How is this possible?  Our teaching philosophy focuses on more than just learning skills to pass the advancement tests.

We set out to not only teach your children the fundamentals of martial arts, but also help build their confidence both inside and outside of the classroom.  Through practicing martial arts, kids learn self-control, how to practice patience and how to continue to push through when things get tough.  We also make it a point to teach them how to stay humble through it all.  At Lehigh Valley Martial Arts we impart skills needed on a daily basis to be emotionally, physically and mentally strong.

Feeling self-conscience is not fun

No one likes to feel intimidated or self-conscience around others.  When it happens to kids, some need a mentor or role model (and not a parent) to help them through the situation. At LVMA, we teach our students how to work through tricky situations, even ones that include bullies.  We teach them ways to understand and diffuse the situation they are in, before there’s a need for bodily interaction.

Our students are trained on how to defend themselves in both a non-physical and physical way against a bully.  Rarely will your child have to physically fight back, because we teach our students how to remain in control of their emotions and the circumstances they are faced with.

Plus, martial arts is an inclusive sport. If your child doesn't want to join a team sport or has a disability that makes those activities difficult, our classes are focused on individual achievement at each student's own pace. Physical or mental disabilities are invisible in our classes, just ask Shigung Miller who still teaches classes despite being blind.

Setting goals and reaching them - What an accomplishment

Throughout our classes, students are kept extremely active while learning the ‘Four Laws of Concentration’.  These laws help our students become successful in their daily lives and meeting their responsibilities be it at home, at school or in the dojo.  We work on setting and achieving goals.  Initially, the goals set are small ones.  But conquering a small goal builds the skills, and confidence, needed to tackle larger goals. [Bonus! 8 Steps to Achieving A Goal with Excellence]

Come join us

We are offering a Back to School Special now through the end of October.  Come join us for 8 classes, receive an official uniform and one private intro lesson for $39.95. We have several locations throughout the Lehigh Valley, near Allentown and Bethlehem areas, including Emmaus, Palmer, Breinigsville and Fogelsville. Call today to take advantage of this great offer! Join our family and see how your child thrives with new friends, confidence and determination, both in our classes and in school.


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