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Colors have meanings

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Oct 26, 2013

We all know LVMA students go to class and learn martial arts techniques and skills.   As students demonstrate their proficiency in the martial arts, they are awarded new sashes/belts. The color of the sash indicates the amount of proficiency the students have displayed.  From beginner (white), to expert (black) the students advance: White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Brown, Silver and Black.  When you see an LVMA  student, you can quickly look at their belt, and see their level of proficiency.

The LVMA instructors and assistant instructors also go to class and learn new skills.  As the instructors demonstrate proficiency with what they have learned, they progress through various ranks.

LVMA Black Belts/Sashes, Shisuk/Shigumei/Sempai, in Kung Fu wear black tops with colored bottons.  The button color indicates the level of proficiency.  From Level One  (White buttons), to Level Five Black Sash (Silver buttons) the black sashes advance as follows: White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Silver. In Karate the Black Belts wear a white top and black pants and level is indicated by the stripe on their pants. 1st level no stripe, 2nd yellow stripe, 3rd green stripe, 4th blue stripe and fifth silver stripe.

Laoshi and Deshi wears blue pants and white top

The instructors at LVMA also continue to learn new martial arts techniques and skills.  Shifu Miller Shifu Miller As instructors demonstrate their proficiency in these techniques and skills they alsoadvance and are awarded shirts.From Level One Instructor (White shirt), to Level Five Instructor (Silver shirt) the instructors advance: White, Yellow, Green, Blue,Silver.  Shimu Crystal and Shifu Adam are Level Two Instructors, and wear yellow.  ShiFu Alex and Mark are Level Three Instructors, and wear green.  Shifu Miller is a Level Four Instructor and wears blue.

In Karate, Instructors wear all black uniforms and The colors of the stripes running down the sides of their uniform indicate rank. Level 1 no stripe, Level 2 yellow stripe, level 3 green stripe, level 4 blue stripe and level 5 silver stripe. Sensei dana is a 3rd level sensei and has green stripes down the sides of her uniform.

So, the next time you’re in class and see the instructors wearing the same colored shirt everyday, don’t think that they only bought one shirt, they are proudly wearing the color that they have worked hard to earn.


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