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Becoming Bully Proofed for Life

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May 11, 2018

May11.bully proof.JPGLearning martial arts empowers students. It teaches them how to be courageous, use their voice and let others know it is not OK to treat people aggressively or in a hostile manner. 

Students gain self-confidence, making them mentally strong enough to stand up for themselves or someone else, and have the courage to speak up when they know a situation is wrong.

There’s no doubt that martial arts involves self-defense, but often a physical altercation can be avoided or be used as a last resort. Martial arts is never used intending to do harm. 

The best defense when confronting a bully

At LVMA, we don’t think you should “fight fire with fire.” Instead, students learn how to handle themselves in the face of intimidation by mastering the situation, before there’s a need for physical interaction.

Our students learn how to defend themselves both non-physically and physically against a bully.  The real master of the practice rarely has to fight, because he or she is in control of their emotions and the circumstances at hand.

Mental toughness in the face of intimidation

Martial arts teaches students how to be mentally tough and in the appropriate mindset to execute any type of defense technique, should the need arise.  Possessing physical defense skills are important, but if you lack the mental toughness and tenacity to execute them properly, you won’t be able to perform - especially under duress. This can lead to poor decision making, such as resorting to physical force before trying to verbally control the situation.

Bully-proofed for life

As a student continues training, their confidence grows, as does their ability to handle adverse circumstances for themselves as well as for others. With a solid foundation in mental toughness, as well as the confidence in their physical abilities, students are better equipped to handle those that seek to negatively challenge us.

LVMA’s martial arts training provides kids with the tools they need to become bully-proofed for life, not by throwing kicks and punches, but through building courage, leadership and respect.


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