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Written by Kevin Eikenberry
Feb 27, 2014

Here is another article by a gentleman who really knows what “Attitude” is all about. We have all heard Master Paul Miller tell us time and time again that Attitude is Essential. If youneed any proof that he was right, keep reading….


Most everyone would say that attitude is important – even those who would admit theirs isn’t as positive as it could be. And my observations in working with individuals, teams and organizations over the last 25+ years, have led me to these four truths about attitude.

Attitude is a habit. Habits are things we do without thinking – natural responses. In most cases our attitude is like that – we have a positive or negative attitude based on our recurring habits, not based on anything else.

Attitude is highly valued. Ask any successful business owner or leader and they will tell you. While attitude can be learned, they would rather teach technical skills than attitude. Those who have a positive attitude alone are valuable. Those who have technical expertise AND a solid positive attitude can change the world.

attitude2 Attitude affects everything. Your attitude impacts your performance, the performance of those around you, your ability to lead, your health, your confidence . . . I could go on, but I hope you get my point.

Attitude is a choice. This one is the most important.

attitude3 Regardless of your habits. Regardless of your circumstances. We can choose our attitude. And the choices we make will affect everything else (as the other truths tell us). This is one of the most valuable things I have learned in my business – If you want to be more effective, productive and successful, choose an more positive, proactive attitude.


Kevin Eikenberry
Chief Potential Officer
The Kevin Eikenberry Group


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