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A Message to Parents: Teaching Your Child All the Benefits of Martial Arts

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Apr 13, 2018

April13.message to parents.jpgConfidence. Self-discipline. Respect.  These are attributes we want our children to possess.  As parents, we strive daily to teach our children these things. At Lehigh Valley Martial Arts, not only is our program a guiding moral compass, it is also a great way to get in some physical exercise.

There is a misconception that martial arts is only about the ability to defend oneself in a physical manner. Our students learn that physical self-defense is used as a last resort.  True confidence comes from the ability to defend oneself both physically and mentally. Learning confidence, self-discipline and respect for others are key parts of martial arts once you look past the punches and kicks.


Our program is designed to help students persevere without them even realizing it.  We encourage self-discipline by setting goals and learning how to accomplish them. It is the children with the non-quitting attitude, even when things become challenging, who are most successful inside and outside of the dojo.


Respect for others, and oneself, is expected from the very first class. Students learn the seven magic words of respect and are encouraged to practice using them throughout their daily lives. Respect is shown to all who attend classes as well as to their families. We lead by example and encourage our students to become a positive example to others in their lives.


We want our students to be successful leaders in the community, so certain skills become key attributes in the dojo.  We arm them with the necessary skills, including how to express oneself in a clear and confident manner. Learning how to effectively communicate ideas and beliefs to teachers, friends and eventually prospective employers and colleagues, is a positive attribute with the potential to open many doors throughout life.


The strong presence of family in our school cements the program into a cohesive unit. Our goal is to blend together mind and body. This, mixed with the sense of family, binds the dojo, community, teachers and students together; where everyone has a common goal and feels that helping others is the way to express their sense of family.

Our approach to martial arts sets us apart from other schools who focus solely on technique. Personal growth is measured in more than belt levels here. Come in and see for yourself...


Find out why classes at Lehigh Valley Martial Arts teach you more than just punching and kicking.

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