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Oct 16, 2014

When we think about compassion we often think BIG. Large acts with a large impact.  I was grocery shopping over the weekend with my husband and we needed a bag of chips. The ones I wanted were on the top shelf, and there was only one bag left, all the way at the back.

I started to step onto the bottom shelf in the hope it would be enough of a boost to reach it. Just then a man, much taller than either of us was walking down the aisle and offeredhis assistance. I graciously accepted.

While sitting in the kitchen the next day I was talking to my husband and I mentioned compassion was the word of the upcoming week to talk about in Kung Fu Class. I smiled and said it seems every time we shop at Wegmans something happens that gives me a story to share in class that ties in with that week's character value.

He looked at me and asked what compassion was there in our shopping trip? I recalled the chip help.

He questioned, how was that compassion? It was a very small and simple thing.

Big things aren't necessary. Being thoughtful is all it takes. Something that was easy, simple and seemly small as grabbing a bag a chips from a high shelf for a person who can't reach is compassion.

It's "small" with a big effect. It sends a vibration, which radiates and carries on.


A pebble tossed into still water sends a rippling effect. The water is no longer stagnant.



Do things that are thoughtful and kind... hold a door, pick up something that was dropped, share a smile, a kind word or well wish. Do and think good things for the people you encounter every day, the world becomes a little nicer for everyone.

Mother Teresa said it best:

"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love."

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